KloudyKumo® World

Kloudy Kumo (クラウディ・クモ, Kuraudi kumo), is a fictional character produced by the nostalgic futurist lifestyle company DazeInBlue. They are portrayed as small round multi-colored cloud head angels with white wings. In the Kloudy Kumo world, the Kumo & friends are here to help guard the peace & tranquility of the world and guide humanity back to a world of dreams

Kloudy Kumo are a total of 12 cute cloud angels with their own individual names, passions, and purpose. They are born in the heart of DazeInBlue A True Dream World. Their height is described as small as 4 lemons and their weight as 2 lemons. They are portrayed as heroic, tranquil, child-like, baby angels, who's very close to their mother and father Kumo who are currently a mystery to humanity. They love to go on adventures and create happiness and joy with every encounter with humans. They are all extremely playful, love onigiri, and enjoy art, music, and dancing in the sky.