In 2018, Darius Graves embarked on a visionary venture by establishing the American kawaii lifestyle brand, DazeInBlue. DazeInBlue is an immersive realm where the convergence of fashion, art, and community blends with the purpose of helping humanity create a world of dreams. Driven by the captivating concept of "nostalgic futurism," a term coined by Darius to signify the enchanting fusion of rediscovering cherished elements from the past elevated with a unique dynamic for the future.
About Darius Graves
Darius Graves, the nostalgic futurist creative director and designer, founded DazeInBlue, drawing upon his extensive experiences in the fashion industry that began with his previous brand, Risvegliare, alongside his triplet brothers in 2015. Having gained inspiration from global travels, including internships in Paris and London, as well as journeys throughout Asia and Europe, Graves returned to the United States and established DazeInBlue. By collaborating with fashion boutiques and participating in nationwide art exhibitions, the brand embraces nostalgic concepts curated by Graves himself. DazeInBlue embodies the essence of a nostalgic futurist brand, fusing elements that evoke happiness, excitement, and inspiration, while embracing a unique vision for the future. Graves aims to employ fashion, art, and animations as a means of communication, encouraging individuals to be present, nurture their imagination, and counteract negativity. With the belief that our dreams can be transformed into reality, Darius Graves invites us to take control and immerse ourselves in the world of DazeInBlue.