About DazeInBlue®

Welcome to DazeInBlue, home of the baby cloud angel, Kloudy Kumo, established in 2018. DazeInBlue is a multifunctional lifestyle brand for men, women, and kids, inspired by "nostalgic futurism" and the formlessness of the clouds. We offer an array of premium products, ranging from our in-house label to merchandise conceptualized after our fictional character KLOUDY KUMO! In 2019 Kloudy Kumo was conceived from the childhood love of Japanese anime and dreams of one day creating a anime character that inspires people of all generations - now a staple within DazeInBlue.


DazeInBlue was founded by Darius Graves, the nostalgic futurist creative director, and designer. Born and raised in Charlotte, Graves has been involved in the fashion industry since starting a foregoing brand, Risvegliare, taking it to Japan, at the age of 18 with his triplet brothers. Inspiration for DazeInBlue stemmed from traveling the world, including moving to Paris as an intern for a women's accessory designer, later interning in London for PR and marketing, and finally traveling solo throughout Europe, before returning to the states and starting DazeInBlue. Collaborating with fashion boutiques and nationwide art exhibitions, DazeInBlue aligns itself with ideations from Graves's nostalgia. Conceptualizing DazeInBlue as a nostalgic futurist brand drawing inspiration from the things that brought happiness, excitement, and inspiration with a unique dynamic for the future. Graves seeks to use fashion, art, and animations as dialogue to help people find ways to create heaven on earth by being present, nurturing the imagination, and remedying negative thoughts.


"Our world of dreams will become true, once we take control and DazeInBlue." - Darius Graves